Skinfix – my new skin hero

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I think my skin is telling me to move to Australia…

While I was away I slathered on the SPF, barely moisturised, and came home slightly tanned and eczema-free. Of course this changed the second I returned to the grim cold winter, and skin-hating conditions, back in England. As a person with a permanent beady eye on all products aimed at anyone with sensitive skin I was pretty stoked to get to try some of the Skinfix range. I’ll be totally honest I’d never heard of the Canadian brand, however anyone that claims ‘We provide the ultimate skin fix for the most vexing skin irritations’ is worth a test in my book.

I’ve been using their products since the second week of January- I never see the point of reviewing anything until you’ve given it a good run, and to be fair I probably picked the worst (yet also best) time to test their range. I work outside a lot and I can’t wear gloves, which sucks. I’m on the eternal hunt for gloves that both keep my teeny tiny T-Rex hands warm AND allow me to operate a camera easily at the same time. This means in winter my skin represents something between Jabba the Hutt and Ben Grimm.


From their range I’ve been using the SkinFix Hand Repair Cream, Eczema Balm, Soothing Wash, and Soothing Lotion.  My absolute fave has to be the Eczema balm.  In fact I’ve already ordered another tube since my first arrived.  It’s really thick but not in a mega greasy way and does exactly what you need.  I was a little cagey about using this at first as it contains Almond oil- but it turns out Almonds are one of the few nuts I’m actually NOT allergic too!  If you’re trying to avoid steroid treatment for your skin this will definitely help!  It creates a barrier on skin which locks in moisture and there’s no water in it either.


My second fave from the the range has to be the Soothing Wash.  I’m never really that fused about what I use in the shower, as long as it’s for sensitive skin, but this is a game changer.  It foams but doesn’t leave your skin feeling like you’ve just endured  two hundred lengths of a swimming pool.  It’s made with natural cleansers from coconuts and contains colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamin E, emollient sunflower and jojoba oils.  It also last for ages!

Their Soothing Lotion is nut-free and although I don’t think it will be replacing my Aveeno addiction it’s pretty damn good.  It’s not very thick though, which some people would love. I’d rather have a thicker moisturiser for the body but if you want something lightweight and deeply hydrating then this is the one.  It doesn’t sting or irritate so it’s great to use with any sort of skin flare up and it leaves my skin feeling way healthier.

All their products rate a 4 out of 5 on the National Eczema Organisation website (only losing one mark due to their products containing ingredients that related to food allergies) The lotion, wash and eczema balm all have the National Eczema Association seal of acceptance

The hand repair cream is a great hand cream if you don’t suffer from eczema.  It’s REALLY nourishing, and free from soy, steroids and parabens.  If you have dry skin this is an instant fix, however if you have cracked or sore skin then I wouldn’t recommend using this during a flare up.  Something in it made my hands really itch- although I don’t think there’s a product in the world that doesn’t hurt my skin when it’s covered in more cracks than a ring masters whip.

I definitely preferred the Eczema balm, which is designed for those of us with sensitive shells, although maybe this would work better for me in summer when my hands aren’t so screwed up!


I think the range works really well together, and it’s nice to find products that aren’t so greasy and thick you’re left like an oil slick for a few hours while they absorb into your skin, definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something new that actually works.

You can now order them from their UK shop: or even from Boots where right now they have discount offers available.

Here’s to the sunshine and better skin!


Jem xx


*I wasn’t sponsored for this post


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